What started as a dream between two friends matured into a growing school that we call The Tiny Seeds today!

Ms. Top and Ms. Tip are friends who shared 14 years of experience working together at the same preschool. While Ms. Top worked as a parent liaison and school manager, Ms. Tip gained experience both as an assistant teacher and as a class teacher. With their joint experiences, and a sincere passion for working with children, they have started their dream, ‘The Tiny Seeds International Pre-School’ which opened in July 2010. With their aspirations of making a second home for children, came the motto, ‘Learning at a place just like home.’

Ms. Top and Ms. Tip shared a vision of a school and opened its doors to families in order to provide children from various backgrounds an environment in which to play, learn and laugh together. They hand selected the toys, the furniture, school supplies and even the plants that would grow in the garden.

For Ms. Top and Ms. Tip the dream of providing a beautiful loving environment for children to learn in has become a reality that they are actively part of to this day. The “tiny school” has matured into a well-known establishment where learning happens within a home-like atmosphere. The Tiny Seeds has provided the foundation for many children through fostering their ability to speak with confidence, knowing their strengths and sharing kindness with others.

As The Tiny Seeds evolves, Ms. Top and Ms. Tip hope to show the learning community that putting childrens’ needs first and their well-being is essential. We offer a school where your academic knowledge goes hand in hand with joy and laughter.