Ruengrith Chamnitiravanich & Tanyathon Ratthanaphaisan

When we were asked to write about The Tiny Seeds International Pre-School, we knew it would be so hard for us. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to talk about all our children’s good experiences from a lovely school in just a few paragraphs.
Our children love to go to school every morning. They’re always excited to see their teachers and friends and love the atmosphere.

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We believe it’s a result of the hard work put in by the school owners, teachers, nannies and staff.

We have never once been worried about the school because we believe in their commitment which is represented through the student character examples we see.

Tiny Seeds knows our children as well as we know them. We always receive great advice as our children go through the many situations in their childhood. All 3 of our children attend The Tiny Seeds and have done so since they were very “Tiny.” The school has given important and relevant fundamental values adequately to all our children regardless of their year level.

Through the children’s performances, we can see their drastic development. They develop self-confidence, bravery, and intelligence which gradually appears as the time goes by.

We know that we will be very sad when the time comes for our children to leave the school because they will never be as pampered there as they were here.

We still remember our first visit to the Tiny Seeds International pre-school. This school was the first and last place in our survey. We didn’t spend much time considering whether to choose this school. We knew right-away that it was the one.

We feel proud each time we are asked where our children go to school. They foster our children’s character & performance abilities in a great way. It is a result of The Tiny Seeds commitment, hard work, and love from Khun Tip and Khun Top as well as all the teachers and staff at The Tiny Seeds. We trust in you as we believe our children will have great experiences while they study at your place.

Thank you very much from our hearts.
We love you the Tiny Seeds International Pre-school!

Sarah and Boonma Yongprakit

Tiny Seeds is the BEST school! It’s truly a part of our family. My son Aiden started at Tiny Seeds at a wee age of 18 months old and has flourished there in the past three years. He has developed such amazing interpersonal skills, scholastic achievements and meaningful friendships. It’s a joy to see directly how much of a positive impact that attending Tiny Seeds has had on his life. He loves it! We all do!!

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We really like that it’s a small school — but with the many opportunities similar to a larger-sized school. There are interesting extracurricular activities, special events and performances by the children. Parents are also included several times a year. The best aspect of the school though is the inspiring teachers and the loving school administrators, Tip and Top. You can truly feel how much they all care for and love our kids. It’s a great feeling to know that I can send my child to school each day… and know without a doubt that he will be taken care of so well in such a nurturing environment. We LOVE Tiny Seeds! And we plan to stay there as long as we possibly can…

Arthit and Praewpailin Palanuwech

The Tiny Seeds was not just a school for our son but a second home for him where he enjoyed going every day. We could be at ease when our son was at school knowing he was truly cared for and safe. We particularly like the small-size of school as all of the students receive individual attention. The school atmosphere truly promoted the great sense of belonging and nurturing environment, and most importantly ‘safety’ for young children.

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The management team and teachers were approachable and very supportive. We highly appreciated the great staff spirit of team-work and dedication in making school an amazing learning place for children.
Seeing our son grow so much in confidence in every step of the way assured us that we made the right decision in choosing the Tiny Seeds as his first school. We are grateful for the great memories of our three years here and would like to thank all the staff, as we really appreciated what the school has offered us exceptionally well. We could think of no better place to give our son a head start in life.

Chanin & Kanyaratn Manopiniwes

Our daughter joined the Tiny Seeds when she was turning two years old. Everyone at the Tiny Seeds has taken very good care of her, and she had no trouble adjusting to the new environment. Our first impression of the school was very good – warm and cozy atmosphere, spacious playground surrounded by greenery, friendly teachers, staff, nannies and happy children all around. During our first visit, we were greeted by them with such big smiles and enthusiasm, which in a way reflects their happiness and enjoyment while they are there.

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Since then we have been very happy with the school and our daughter has had a great time there. She has developed a lot both physically and mentally. She also got exposure to various activities such as ballet & dances, cooking, science, drama, games, etc. which helped broadened her perspective, skill sets and mindset. We also appreciate how the owners, teachers and staff are so dedicated and attentive to the children and always welcome us to discuss any matter. Especially for Khun Top and Khun Tip, who have always been very helpful and literally know all their students. We trust that our daughter is in good hands, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the school to other new parents.

Mark Atkinson and Rung Poonphol

Our daughter has been at Tiny Seeds for one and a half years and in that time, the school has become like an extension of our home and our family. The care and love shown towards our daughter from all the staff is amazing and we leave her there on a daily basis without worry or stress because we know that the utmost care and attention to detail is taken to provide a safe, secure, happy and interesting place for our daughters development in these early years.

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We cannot imagine there is a better place! The proof of all this is the excitement with which our daughter wakes up each morning knowing she is going for another day at the Tiny Seeds.

Jacquelyn and Alfonso Roderos

Sending our children to study at Tiny Seeds has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a family when we moved to Thailand. The school has been our second family here and we are extremely grateful for everybody in the school, from teachers to nannies to security guards. Everyone has been nothing but kind and loving to our kids.

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The school grounds are always clean and well maintained, even refurbished every year. It has been a safe haven for our children and they loved going to school everyday.
Khun Top and Khun Tip are the best administrators to any preschool. They understand what makes children as well as parents happy and secure. They were always there when we needed support as a family going through difficult times. They always give more than what is necessary, always considerate and generous. Thank you Tiny Seeds. My family will always have fond memories of being part of your family.

Wichien Nimmolrat and Jeerunda Santiprabhob

Tiny Seeds has such a good environment and good teachers. Our son, Paul, loves going to school every day. We don’t have any problem to get him to school. He loves to learn new things in the class and play in the playground. We actually have problems taking him home since he loves to play there after class so much that we sometimes have to wait for him for more than an hour before he wants to go home.

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The school performances are very impressive and well setup. Our son has so much fun with his friends and we love to see him singing and dancing on the stage.
The best thing about The Tiny Seeds are the teachers. Paul loves his teachers so much. He always talks about his teachers at home and we can see that he is very happy. If he misses the class for a few days or even during the school break, he always says that he misses his class and he wants to go to school to meet his teachers and friends.
Thanks Tiny Seeds for providing such a good environment for our son and keeping him smiling every day.

Charmi and Amar Rijhwani

We enrolled our son at The Tiny Seeds International Pre-School when he was just 2 years old and could not speak a single word in any language. After completing one year at Tiny Seeds, each day we hear stories from our son about the fun, adventures and learning that he has experienced; reinforced by the photos and stories that the school shares with us. Tiny Seeds addresses the educational needs of each child as well as their emotional and social well being.

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The children’s independence is fostered from the beginning, as they take responsibility for jobs such as unpacking their bags. However, there is always a guiding hand if needed. Our Son has thrived here and we feel the foundations have been set for a love of learning which will stay with him.
It’s a small school but it’s bursting with positivity.
We are incredibly blessed to have our son attending The Tiny Seeds International Pre-School, overwhelmed with great support from Khun Top, Khun Tip and wonderful teachers Ms. Georgia and Ms. Chris. Thank you.

Jun Owa

We sent both our children to this school. The first one began with the Tiny Seeds play group (which was being held at the time) since she was 18-months old and continued on until she was 6-years-old. The second one joined when he was 3-years-old and he is currently enrolled in the school.

Both my kids have very different personalities and in addition,

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they are very sensitive to new faces, places and environments but I had no worries when I sent them to The Tiny Seeds because I know how well the teachers and the staff look after their students.  They observe and understand each student and take care of them accordingly and cordially.  Just several weeks after the first day of school, my children began to enjoy their first experience in an International School.  Additionally, we found the school to be very clean.  Their lovely garden and school equipment is always well maintained.  The Tiny Seeds is a wonderful place as the first school.  It exudes a warm atmosphere and a gives children and families a sense of security.