At The Tiny Seeds, our most important lessons are to equip our children with happiness, compassion, acceptance of others, self-sufficiency skills, strong learning ethics and good habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Additionally, students are given many opportunities to share their happiness with those less fortunate. Throughout the school year, various events conducted encourage the close participation of our school community and yields profits that are donated to different organisations requiring support.


The Tiny Seeds also boasts itself as a “Green School.” In the classrooms, children are taught to recycle, save water, reuse products and to think about sustainability in order to support a “greener” environment. Children also benefit from a ‘Life-long Skills’ learning session weekly and learn about the importance of self-sufficiency in Thai Culture by researching the royal projects carried out by our beloved King Rama IX. Through this, they gain the equal inspiration to do good deeds for others, share their wealth and to give back to Mother Nature.