“Children learn best when they are happy” – At our school, a successful day can be measured by our children’s happiness.


We value and aim to instill kindness, compassion, love and respect in young children all of which are taught through role modeling, in-depth conversations and role-play scenarios. Children are given the freedom to express themselves, create their own happiness and to instill happiness in others. When children attend The Tiny Seeds, they are enveloped in a sea of warmth and affection.


Our environment has been carefully crafted to entertain all developmental learning areas, spark curiosity, encourage creativity and foster learning through fun and play within a natural setting. Our school especially vibrates a homely feel so our children are comfortable and secure in their learning environment. Students are encouraged to understand what they are taught and also to represent their learning creatively. We appreciate originality and individuality and foster this creative process through projects, open-ended tasks and hands-on activities. Here, children are prepped with all the attitudes and skills needed in order to transition smoothly into primary schools and the diversifying multi-cultural world we now live in.